Told her I couldn’t live here anymore. She asked why and when I explained we don’t work well together she tried to make excuses and then I said it was just too much work. There’s always going to be something that comes up, I just can’t work like this. Then she started bringing up taking ivy to the show for me, which she owed me, but acted like she was doing ME the favor. Then she said she would pay me if I wanted— when I said no. She begged me to stay until Monday, so i agreed to that. A week and that’s it. I want to go home, where I can vegetate on my bed while watching tv and hanging with my dogs. Not worrying about what smooth terriers have pooped in their crates and not dreading every morning and night.

Today feels like the day I’m going to tell Rindi I can’t do his anymore. It’s actually costing money for me to live here, on top of the 60 hours a week I put into this place for no pay, only to be treated like a kid. And what do I get of of this? A studio apartment and a yard my dogs can sometimes run in,when the horses aren’t in it or when other dogs aren’t out. It’s not worth it.

Totally forgot I had class this morning so I woke up at 7 (which is the time I’m supposed to be leaving on class days due to traffic) and didn’t remember until 10 minutes in while I was making coffee. Made it to school just in time to take my test :D
Also, this afternoon Rindi is leaving again, which means I won’t have to do work this morning with the tons of dogs we have here right now.
Of course, she also said they’re not taking a lot of dogs this time, which means I’ll probably have a lot for the week :/

So blurry photos, but had to share.
This is how Juno asks for attention. She’s a weird dog (is more of a cat really) so when she wants attention she doesn’t actually come up and ask for pets like a normal dog does. She wanders over to me when I’m working on something, and pretends she’s interested in what I’m doing. She will glance at me while nonchalantly smelling things, hoping at some point I will pet her. but to ask for love outright— nooo she’s just too good for that. She’s like a teenager— the ones that go “mom, stop, you’re embarrassing me!” When I try to give her a kiss or hug, but she secretly loves it.

So Juno and Teegan do /not/ get along :P 
If it’s not Juno telling Teegan to back off of her stuff, it’s Teegan telling Juno to back off of me. Teegan also snarls at Juno and lunges when Juno tries to play with her. She’s not a very dog friendly puppy, sadly. She’s cute as snot, and actually very well behaved for 13 week old puppy, but Juno isn’t happy with me bringing her in the apartment. She’s lonely, but she’d prefer no dog at all when it comes to Teegan :(