Conquring the world, one squirrel at a time

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So Juno’s mom cracks me up because in all of her photos she has the same retarded look on her face. It’s like she has elevator music playing in her head 24/7

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Well my mom said it was okay, but when I asked one of my bosses she said the daughter of the dogs owner was going to come and get him to see how he was going to get along with her dogs. Also apparently the guy who works weekends said his friend wanted him because he has a german shepherd and was looking at getting him a friend. So I should be happy that he’s making progress in finding a new family but I’m disappointed because I’ve worked so much with him so far and I was hoping I could see him improve more myself :(

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I may be brining bear home for lunch if my mom says it’s okay and if the owners say it is too. Then I’ll be able to determine if his issue is mainly leash aggression

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He was trying to open the gate.
I love sight hounds. Some of the best dogs I’ve met while working at a boarding kennel.

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Ivy you are 8 months old now. Learn to jump on the bed. 
I can’t keep hoisting your butt up here every time you want to chew on your cow hoof. 

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the girls need their toys upgraded, but I’m saving my money because in about two months (or less) I’m going to be quitting my job so I can focus on school, and all of my extra money will be going to dog shows/dog food. 
But I get paid today, and after working 24 hours last week, 6 of those being over time pay for sunday, I’m really looking forward to that check. 

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