So the number 2 siberian, Rumor, is handled by a guy named frank that is located in the south. So of course, every show within a 6 hour drive he will be at. The problem with that, is since he’s the number 2 siberian, the judges basically have to pick him as best of breed, unless the number 1 siberian is also there. 
So because of that, basically all sibes in the south don’t have a chance at best of breed. He doesn’t need the points really, he just wants the best in shows, so the competition really isn’t fair around here for up and coming dogs— it’s basically rigged. While Ivy still needs two majors and singles in order to get her championship, it’s still annoying for me to enter her in a show where she wouldn’t even have a chance to excel past Winners bitch or best of winners. 
Rumor won’t be going home until next year— thinking I may just not show her for a while and let her grow up, or only sign her up for shows where Frank and Rumor are not attending. 

She snores in her sleep

Anonymous asked:

Pumpkin also works well for making your dog go poop

Yea but not within 10 minutes :P 
Pumpkin is good for diarrhea and constipation issues, while matching is used when puppies are too busy playing and forget they have to potty